VDS Africa is a popular brand under the umbrella of Leyworld group aimed at making brand awareness for upcoming businesses in Kenya and the whole Africa.

VDS means Viral Digital solutions whereby small and big businesses utilizes these solutions to achieve business/product fame within a short period of time.

Our solutions exist today to fill a gap in brand marketing. We belief in one word that says “As a brand, you can’t do marketing yourself and do it the right way, you need a third party”.
That’s where we come in to strategize your brand marketing needs and do it the right way like the “big boys” in your competition.

VDS Africa in its Viral digital solutions offers very important branding services ranging from

⦁ Website development – a Website with wood finishing to resemble your dream/current office design.
⦁ App development and Web banner ads-Homepage conversion banners.
⦁ SMS services- Bulk SMS.
⦁ Promotional Materials-T-shirts,caps,roll-ups,pens,business cards and brochures.
⦁ Work management systems-Recruiment, school,task manager,payroll,loan books and many more.
⦁ Social media growth-Awareness, more likes and followers.
⦁ Search engine optimization-High google ranking.
⦁ Internet Marketing-Online advertising and business listings for better search results.

Leyworld is a diversified company with interest in digital advertising and connection solutions.

The core business is built by hundreds of community partners, and when you are ready for more there are thousands of products and services available to transform your business into almost anything you can imagine.
Our connection packages range from Fashion, Properties, businesses, Automobiles, Gadgets to jobs and other services.